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Configuration: CLOUD S



10GB Disk Space

1 Dedicated IP Address

Weekly Backup

.de .accountant .amsterdam
.asia .audio .band
.beer .berlin .bio
.blue .career .casino
.cc .christmas .click
.club .cn .co .com .country .design
.download .es .eu
.family .fashion .gift
.gold .haus .help
.hiphop .host .immobilien
.in .info .jobs
.lol .london .love
.market .me .men
.mobi .name .net
.news .nl .nyc
.one .online .org
.ru .sale .tech
.tel .uk .wiki
.agency .fyi .technology
.schule .gallery .email
.reisen .management .business
.network .taxi .pizza

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Cloud-Hosting - CLOUD S €14,99 EUR + €9,99 EUR Setup Fee Monthly
MwSt @ 19%   €4,75 EUR
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€17,84 EUR Monthly

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