General Introduction to Dedicated Servers:


A dedicated server is a single computer on a web hosting network that is leased or rented, and dedicated to just one customer. A service provider monitors the computer’s hardware, network connectivity, and routing equipment, while the customer generally controls and maintains the server software. Dedicated servers are usually used for websites who have outgrown their standard hosting account and require something more powerful, they are also used by larger companies that require seperate servers for mail, web, and database servers. Web hosting companies may have their sites spread of one or several servers. Dedicated servers are housed in data centers, where service providers can monitor them close-up and have hands-on access to them. The primary advantage of using a dedicated server over a typical shared hosting account is the sheer amount of resources and control available to you, the customer. In many cases, the client is at liberty to install whatever software they desire, giving them greater flexibility and administrative options. Custom software can be installed whenever required, and also leaves less chance for a hacking attempt because only one site is being hosted and not several hundred, hence providing less targets. Dedicated server clients do not share resources, as those with shared hosting plans do; but rather, are at liberty to use all the resources available to them. We have decided to provide some links to some useful tutorials which you may use to get your server up and running, or simply securing your server.