ootCheck scans the system looking for possible  trojans ,scans the ports for malicious activity ,and checks for rootkits,and also the logs,permissions and more.

Installation Instructions
Login to your server and su to root.


tar -xvzf rootcheck-0.4.tar.gz
cd rootcheck-0.4

This will take you to an interactive installtion. Make sure you have CPAN on your box because rootcheck requires the Perl Modules IO::Interface.

If the installtion is finished you will get this message

Compilation sucessfull. Ready to go.
 That's it! If everything went ok, you should be ready
 to run RootCheck. If you any doubts about installation,
 please refer to INSTALL file.
 You can also find additional information at : 

 Improves, patches, comments are very welcome.

Scanning the System
Now you are ready to run rootcheck.

There are quite a few options butthe simplest one is


If the installation was perfect you would get a progress screen of the scan after which the results wiill be writen into results.txt the result is quite explanatory and gives details of all suspected files.

There is also an example file that explains the different options for root check
More Information about rootcheck is available at