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How to Install Zend Optimizer/Encoder on cPanel/WHM

How to Install Zend Optimizer/Encoder on cPanel/WHM

Zend Optimiser is a PHP addon which offers caching to improve speed when loading sites, it can increase perfomance by up to 40% by caching frequently viewed portions of PHP pages. Zend Encoder also is useful for 
encoding PHP files to protect source code.

To install Zend Optimizer:

1. Login to your server via SSH

2. Run: /scripts/installzendopt

3. Follow the instructions on the screen to install Zend Optimizer

For those who are installing Zend Optimizer for performance gains you may want to take a look at Turck MMCache, providing speed increases of up 90% it has amazing caching and optimization capabilities. It can also run
along side Zend Optimizer.