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When can I order the options offered?
Why is the new support linked to my server and not to my customer profile?
How do I increase the level of support for my server?
What's the lifetime guarantee for components?
If my internet users are located very far from the BEK datacentre, which offer should I choose?
What's bandwidth Burst all about?
How is my allocated burst period calculated?
Can I disable the burst, what will happen if I do?
If I don't renew my server, what will happen with my IPs and IP blocks?
If I don't renew my server, what will happen to my IPs from a block that has been split?
How do I cancel my IPs?
What are the benefits of the Virtual Rack or "vRack"?
Can I move a licence to another server?
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General Introduction to Dedicated Servers:
Installing and Configuring CSF Firewall
How to install KISS Firewall
How to install mod_security for Apache
E-mail Alert on Root SSH Login
Creating a Welcome message for SSH logins
Disable Direct Root Login
How to install ffmpeg on CentOS or Redhat Enteprirse Linux the easy way
Apache 1.3 and 2.0 Flood/DoS/DDoS Protection with mod_dosevasive (Avoiding Denial of Service Attacks)
Repairing a mySQL Database/Table – How to restore/repair/recover
Installing Pico on FreeBSD
Apache 2 Install and Upgrade Guide
Howto mod_rewrite with Apache
Getting started with SSH Tutorial
How to install PRM (Process Resource Monitor)
Apache Log Files Explained
Server Loads Explained
Guide to .htaccess tutorial and tips
Optimize and Tweak High-Traffic Servers
Common SSH Commands – Linux Shell Commands
Changing Web Hosts? Step-By-Step Guide
Managed Servers vs. Unmanaged Servers
How to Install Zend Optimizer/Encoder on cPanel/WHM
cPanel Awstats Fix – Stoped Logging on single domain
Fixing rndc error in WHM/cPanel: rnd: connection failed: connection refused
Installing mod_bandwidth For the Ultimate in Apache Utilization Control
Fix Log Rotation Problems cPanel
Installing mod_bandwidth For the Ultimate in Apache Utilization Control
Use Exiscan to Scan For Viruses
Change All Packages Themes in cPanel/WHM
Change All User Themes in cPanel/WHM
Official cPanel/WHM Newbie Guide
Updating Apache using Cpanel EasyApache
Extended Exim Logging
Linux Apache ASP for cPanel/WHM
Fix cPanel/WHM Quotas
Disabling Password Reset Option cPanel/WHM
Setting up Private Reseller Name Servers
Installing DRrWEB antivirus for Linux cPanel/WHM
Properly Reject Invalid Email Exim
Securing /tmp partition cPanel/WHM
Force (SSL) Secure Login to cPanel/WHM
Modify Bandwidth Exceeded Page cPanel/WHM
How to install Fantastico on cPanel/WHM